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We feel proud to introduce “502 MODEL COLLEGE”. It is not a mere school project but has a mission to impart knowledge along with morality, character building, and religious education. As we all know the Quran says “IQRA” means “READ” and explores the realities of the universe. With that vision “BORN TO LEARN” we are fulfilling the first and foremost duty that ALLAH Almighty assigns us. We will be obliged if you choose “502 MODEL COLLEGE” for the bright future of your children. It can only be possible with your interaction and Co-Operation. Competent teachers are essential for a high-quality school; therefore particular care is exercised in the recruitment of academic staff of all categories so that the school is managed by highly qualified and experienced staff, well versed and proficient in their subjects. The institute has a highly qualified, trained, and experienced teaching staff which comprises male and female members. All the teachers are highly skilled in the latest teaching techniques and pay individual attention to each child. The junior section is run by highly qualified teachers under the guidance of Coordinators and Spark Teachers. Each teacher helps children to develop their individual potentials with love, affirmation, and encouragement, realizing the fact that no two children are alike. The Preparatory and High School Teachers are well-qualified subject specialists, who not only prepare the children for external and internal examinations but prepare them for life. The College and the Senior School Staff are highly dedicated and skilled professional educators, who take a personal interest in the students and prepare them to handle every complicated problem and situation with care and in an organized manner. The result is a teaching team that exposes students to multiple perspectives, challenging their thinking on many levels thus supporting the outstanding achievements of our students at national and international examinations....

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